About Xintela

Xintela’s goal is to create significant medical advances in the fields of stem cell therapy and targeted cancer therapy, with focus on indications with a high unmet medical need.

About the company

Xintela is a biopharma company that develops stem cell-based treatments focusing on osteoarthritis and difficult-to-heal leg ulcers and, through its wholly owned subsidiary Targinta, targeted antibody-based treatments for aggressive cancer, such as triple-negative breast cancer and the brain tumor glioblastoma. The focus is on diseases that cause great suffering and lack effective medical treatment options.

Xintela operates at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm.



Xintela was founded in 2009 by the company’s CEO Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund. The company’s operations are based on many years of research and development undertaken by Evy and her team at the University of Lund and in Cartela AB.

In 2013, Xintela initiated its research and development operations with a focus on developing stem cell products for the repair of damaged cartilage. In 2014, research and development work in the field of brain tumour treatment was initiated. In 2020, triple-negative breast cancer was added to the pipeline. The development of novel targeted cancer therapies is conducted in Xintela´s wholly owned subsidiary Targinta AB. In 2021, Xinela recieved a license to manufacture ATMP's (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) in the company's GMP facility and XSTEM product patent was approved in Europe. In 2022, the company's first clinical study begant with the stem cell product XSTEM in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Xintela has a broad and strong patent portfolio, including over 50 approved patents in important markets such as Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.

CEO Evy Lundgren talking to a scientist

Management team and Board

Xintela’s management team and Board have extensive experience from the Life Sciences industry, covering research and development of medical products in both preclinical and clinical phases. Also, the Board has broad experience within the fields of cell therapy and cancer therapy, and possesses a wealth of knowledge and competence in the fields of economics and law.

Management Team

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Scientific advisors

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Business Development


Xintela’s business concept is to develop and commercialise new treatments in stem cell therapy and targeted cancer therapy with a focus on diseases where the medical need is very high and effective treatments today are lacking.


Xintela’s strategy is to develop the company’s stem cell products to a point where they can be attributed to a clear increase in value, then enter into partnerships and licensing deals.

For XSTEM, that point is after safety readout and Proof-of-Concept in humans, i.e., after clinical Phase I/IIa and for EQSTEM after Proof-of-Concept in horse patients.

For oncology projects (which is run by the subsidiary Targinta), the strategy is to enter into commercial agreements already during the preclinical development of the company’s drug candidates.

Xintela is active in partnering discussions and has built up a large network of potential licensees in the pharmaceutical industry.

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